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W-4 Withholding Calculator

If you received or will receive a tax refund this year, use this easy calculator from Kiplinger's Personal Finance to see how much you can add to your paycheck.

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Simply Money's free guide to the benefits of working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional explains the differences between do-it-yourself planning, good planners, bad planners and how to achieve peace of mind with your decision.

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Can You Afford to Retire?

Your Simply Money Guide to Retirement Planning is a great tool to explore your life goals with your financial plan. Download our free report and learn how to align your strategy for a happy retirement.

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8 Points for Investing

If you are looking for a quick reference guide on investing, Simply Money's 8 Points for Investing is your go-to resource! In this guide, Simply Money Advisors gives you simple rules to consider for your investment strategy and how it can impact your comprehensive financial plan. Download your quick reference guide today!

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"Know Your Risk" Quiz

Want to determine your tolerance for investment risk? Simply Money Advisors utilizes your Riskalyze results to match your risk number with your portfolio.

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Financial Concerns in Election Season Quick Guide

If you are like many long-term investors then you are paying close attention to the presidential election, rising interest rates, and what it all means for your money. After all, the timing of your retirement in proximity to market conditions is one of the top concerns of investors like you. If you are looking for a quick reference guide on navigating the market and politics and what it all means to you and your financial future, download Simply Money's Quick Guide. Download Simply Money’s free quick guide to learn more!

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New Social Security Laws Impact Your Retirement

The Social Security landscape changed dramatically in 2015. The new rules make it more important for you to make informed decisions when incorporating Social Security into your overall financial planning strategies. Download your Simply Money Report on Social Security to learn more!

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Your Next Corporate Event

Media personalities Nathan Bachrach or Ed Finke can be your next company speaker! We offer on-demand video series, on-site, conference-style, lunch, continuing education courses, group Q&A sessions for 50-500+ employees.

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